Buyers and Sellers

How does PremProperty assist Buyers and Sellers?

  • PremProperty ensures Properties are Sold and Bought for Market-related Prices
  • Buyers can easily find the Property of their Dreams from a Trusted Real Estate Partner
  • Buyers can view All the Associated Information and/or Documentation for Each Property Listed on the PremProperty Platform
  • Buyers Identities are not Publicly Displayed, Privacy is of the Utmost Importance to us at PremProperty
  • Sellers receive Multiple Offers in a Single Instance vs. waiting for Offers over an Extended Period

  • The Final Decision to Sell the Property or not rests with the Seller*2

  • Sellers are given the Opportunity to Sell their Properties in 3-4 weeks*1

When selling your property, consider asking your Real Estate Company of choice to list your property on their PremProperty solution.
We aim to provide the best results within the quickest turn around period.

Have an enquiry? Leave us a message and our team will get back to you

    *1 We by no means guaranty these claims and are not accountable for superior or inferior results. Results are dependent on each real estate’s partners use and management of their solution

    *2 Only Applicable if the property is sold STC (Subject to Confirmation)